Patia Cunningham
Patia Cunningham is the co-founder and director of The Body Shop where she has been teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy for more than 30 years.  She has studied with many luminaries in the field of yoga and health but credits her students with being her greatest source of inspiration.


Bob Strubel
Bob Strubel has been teaching at The Body Shop since 2005.  He is a dedicated student of yoga and a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT-200).  He has been studying and practicing yoga with Patia, on his own, and attending workshops for almost 20 years.


Melissa Roach
Melissa Roach was certified by Romana Kryzanowska at True Pilates NY in 2001.  She was also trained and certified to teach Gyrotonic Level 1 by Young-ah Kim in 2002.  Melissa has an extensive dance background, and was the first student to earn her BFA with a special concentration in the Martha Graham Technique from Marymount Manhattan College.  She has been teaching dance, Pilates and Gyrotonic in East Hampton for the past 12 years.  She is honored to be a part of the teaching staff at The Body Shop.

Jamie Lerner
Jamie has been teachingclasses and training clients on the East End since 1992.  She studied modern, ballet, ethnic and jazz dance techniques for seventeen years in New York, Boston and San Francisco.  With extensive and varied background in movement systems and philosophies as well as contemporary fitness practice, Jamie has developed an approach that is widely adaptive.  She believes in the ability and the right of all individuals to get happier with the bodies they're in, and takes pride in having remarkably diverse student and client populations.  Jamie has helped hundreds of people look, feel, and move better.


​​​​​​Lynn​ Bermo​​​​n​​​​​​​​t
​​Lynn is a t'ai chi chuan instructor bringing together training in meditation, and various martial arts. She began her studies of t'ai chi after 20 years of training in judo with Sensei Hank Kraft earning a 1st degree blackbelt. Retiring from judo she continued her journey into the soft, internal art of t'ai chi chuan. Introduced to t'ai chi by Dr. Fred Soroka she pursued further studies with Sifu Jesse Teasley and remained his student/instructor for 15 years accomplishing Yang and Chen styles of tai chi as well as Yang straightsword, broadsword, fan and long pole and a short three year stint in kung fu. The journey with Sifu Teasley took her from demonstrations in N.Y.C.'s Central Park to Seoul, Korea for the 2004 World Culture Open. In 2009-12 she deepened her study of Chen style with Dr. Daniel Yee. Lynn has been an instructor at Healing4us in Baldwin N.Y., at workshops at the West Hempstead library and at Freeport high school for adult education classes. Most recently she was a Chen instructor in Nassau Community College's Lifelong Learning Program. In the background of all this is Lynn's beloved Kendo Rich Hart roshi, meditation teacher and Buddhist monk. T'ai chi is said to be "stillness in motion". Kendo's rich heart put the "stillness" in her motion.

​Ashley Pierson-Patten 
Ashley was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 13 while studying with American Ballet Theater. In high school she trained with Alvin Ailey and in 2008 received her Pilates certification. Ashley is a well-trained, patient and enthusiastic instructor experienced with teaching students at all levels.. She teaches at Equinox in NYC.

Annie Venier
Annie founder of Le Petit Studio Bis and Le Petit Studio NYC, has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years in Paris, NY and the Hamptons. A former competitive athlete, she used Pilates to rehabilitate her own sports injury.

Sabine Dietrich-Hindra
Sabine RYT 200, has been practicing Yoga at the Body Shop for a long time and last year completed her teacher training at Goodground Yoga in Hampton Bays and now teaches at the Body Shop. "Some people play a favorite instrument. My 'instrument' is Yoga and I am utterly lucky to have truly good teachers that enable me to pass on what I have learned to my students."

Taylor King
Taylor King recently graduated from Mississippi State University. She is here for the summer and then on to Graduate School at the University of South Carolina in August. Taylor grew up performing in musical theatre productions and taking studio dance classes. She was on her school dance team, and coached a high school dance team of her own for three years. She is a breath of fresh air and her class is fun and energetic.

Agnes Bristel 
Agnes Maria Bristel-Soethoudt, was born in the Netherlands and had her introduction into the dance world there. But not until after raising her family did she passionately work to perfect her dance skills. Since 1990, she trained with Alfonso Triggiani, director of Touch Dancing Studios & Bobbie Petrie, renowned Ballroom Dancing teacher. She began teaching in 1992.
Agnes also competes in all American Smooth and Latin dances, including Hustle and Argentine Tango. She opened her Franchise of Touch Dancing Studios on the Eastern End of Long Island in the Hamptons in January 1997. Agnes is a member of the Dance Educators of America and a registered professional with the National Dance Council of America.

Scott Trevor 
Scott Trevor has always had dancing as a big part of his life. He started as a gypsy. Studied ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance starting at the age of 13. He became a member of the Young Americans at the age of 14 and toured the US and Europe with them in several shows. Scott appeared on Broadway as well. He attended Mt. San Antonio College for 2 years with a major in Theater. During that time he began teaching Ballroom Dance at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio, followed by Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance studios in Florida. Scott also competed both professionally and with students in American style, International style and Theater Arts, winning many trophies as well as opening 2 studios with Fred Astaire with a business partner. Back northeast teaching in New Jersey for the Penatello's (US American Style Champions for many years) for a year, he finally arrived in the Hamptons where he has taught for Touch Dancing Studios since 1998.


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​8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Yoga Therapy (Patia)
5:45 pm T'ai Chi (Lynn)

​8:30 am Cardio Styles (Jamie)
5:30 pm Yoga  (Patia)
7:30 pm Zumba (Taylor)

10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Advanced Beginner Yoga (Patia)
​5:45 pm Yoga (Sabine)

8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
7:00 pm Touch Dancing 
8:00 pm Touch Dancing

8:30 am Cardio Styles (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
5:30 pm Yoga (Bob)

8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Beginner Yoga / Yoga for Back Care 

9:00 am Cardio Muscular (Jamie)
10:15 am Pilates (Ashley & Annie)* first class July 5th
11:30 am Yoga (Patia)

Class Descriptions

Yoga for Health and Healing is an alignment-based, heart-centered class, suitable for students of all ages and abilities (90 min).

Yoga Therapy
​Individual attention is given to each student to modify poses for specific injuries as well as stress-related and health conditions (75 min).

Beginner Yoga
Beginner Yoga is a safe, therapeutic and nurturing class to ease new students and students returning from injuries or illness into appropriate yoga practice (75 min).

Traditional pilates mat class designed to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and maintain proper posture and alignment.  You will feel invigorated, inspired and motivated to stay happy and healthy (60 min).

Core Plus
Strengthen all the major muscle groups specifically, using free weights where appropriate, with emphasis on alignment, balance, core power, breath control and balanced muscle development.

Cardio Styles
An aerobic workout, moving to music and incorporating both upper and lower body movement but no high-impact jumping (intensity without heavy joint stress).  Music and movement styles vary, including zumba-style latin, hip hop, funk, ethnic, and classic aerobics.  Concludes with abdominal strength training.

Cardio Muscular
This class has brief intervals of cardio alternating with upper body weight training, and abdominal strength training.

T'ai Chi
​Traditional Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan.  12 form, 24 form, and sword form.  All levels.  Introduces the philosophy and principles of T'ai Chi as well as the movement forms.  The movements are slow and gentle and are designed to promote good health, body awareness and harmony among the body, mind and spirit.  Qi Gong is also practiced as an integral part of each class.  (75 min)

Touch Dancing