Patia Cunningham
Patia Cunningham is the co-founder and director of The Body Shop where she has been teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy for more than 30 years.  She has studied with many luminaries in the field of yoga and health but credits her students with being her greatest source of inspiration.


                       Bob Strubel
Bob Strubel has been teaching at The Body Shop since 2005.  He is a dedicated student of yoga and a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT-200).  He has been studying and practicing yoga with Patia, on his own, and attending workshops for almost 20 years.


                          Melissa Roach
Melissa Roach was certified by Romana Kryzanowska at True Pilates NY in 2001.  She was also trained and certified to teach Gyrotonic Level 1 by Young-ah Kim in 2002.  Melissa has an extensive dance background, and was the first student to earn her BFA with a special concentration in the Martha Graham Technique from Marymount Manhattan College.  She has been teaching dance, Pilates and Gyrotonic in East Hampton for the past 12 years.  She is honored to be a part of the teaching staff at The Body Sho

                                    Jamie Lerner
Jamie has been teachingclasses and training clients on the East End since 1992.  She studied modern, ballet, ethnic and jazz dance techniques for seventeen years in New York, Boston and San Francisco.  With extensive and varied background in movement systems and philosophies as well as contemporary fitness practice, Jamie has developed an approach that is widely adaptive.  She believes in the ability and the right of all individuals to get happier with the bodies they're in, and takes pride in having remarkably diverse student and client populations.  Jamie has helped hundreds of people look, feel, and move better.

                                  Allison Landon

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​8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Yoga Therapy (Patia)
5:45 pm Monday Night Dance (Jamie) *By donation

​8:30 am Cardio Styles (Jamie)
5:30 pm Yoga  (Patia)

10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Advanced Beginner Yoga (Patia)
​7:00 pm Dance - Barefoot and Beautiful (Cheryl)

8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
7:00 pm Touch Dancing 
8:00 pm Touch Dancing

8:30 am Cardio Styles (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
5:30 pm Yoga (Bob)

8:30 am Core Plus (Jamie)
10:00 am Yoga (Patia)
12:00 pm Yoga for Back Care & Stress Relief (Patia) 

9:00 am Cardio Muscular (Jamie)
11:30 am Yoga (Patia)

Class Descriptions

Yoga for Health and Healing is an alignment-based, heart-centered class, suitable for students of all ages and abilities (90 min).

Yoga Therapy
​Individual attention is given to each student to modify poses for specific injuries as well as stress-related and health conditions (75 min).

Beginner Yoga
Beginner Yoga is a safe, therapeutic and nurturing class to east new students and students returning from injuries or illness to appropriate yoga practice (75 min).

Traditional pilates mat class designed to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and maintain proper posture and alignment.  You will feel invigorated, inspired and motivated to stay happy and healthy (60 min).

Core Plus
Strengthen all the major muscle groups specifically, using free weights where appropriate, with emphasis on alignment, balance, core power, breath control and balanced muscle development.

Cardio Styles
An aerobic workout, moving to music and incorporating both upper and lower body movement but no high-impact jumping (intensity without heavy joint stress).  Music and movement styles vary, including zumba-style latin, hip hop, funk, ethnic, and classic aerobics.  Concludes with abdominal strength training.

Cardio Muscular
This class has brief intervals of cardio alternating with upper body weight training, and abdominal strength training.

T'ai Chi

Touch Dancing