All of the classes at the Body Shop are taught by well-trained and caring instructors who love what they do. Our intention is "to meet students where they are and take them where they want go".
​90 min

Align the bones, stretch and strengthen the muscles, move with the breath and relax deeply.  Classes are meant to be suitable for students of all ages and abilities.


Yoga: Health and Well-being with Patia

Yoga: Alignment and Balance with Bob

Yoga: Strength and Empowerment with Sabine


Yoga Therapy
​75 min

Individual attention is given to each student to modify poses for specific injuries as well as stress-related and health conditions.


Massage Therapy

Each session blends elements of trigger point therapy, reflexology, pressure point massage as well as deep muscle therapy to release tight muscles and activate the relaxation response to create space for radiant health and wellbeing.

​Beginner Yoga
​75 min

Beginner Yoga is a safe, therapeutic and nurturing class to ease new students and students returning from injuries or illness to an appropriate yoga practice.

​Core Plus
​60 min

Core Plus is built to strengthen all the major muscle groups specifically, using free weights where appropriate, with emphasis on alignment, balance, core power, breath control and balanced muscle development.

​60 min 

Traditional pilates mat class designed to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and maintain proper posture and alignment.  You will feel invigorated, inspired and motivated to stay happy and healthy (60 min).

Cardio Styles
​60 min

Cardio Styles is an aerobic dance workout.  Music and movement styles vary, including Latin ("zumba"), hip hop, funk, ethnic and classic aerobics.  Excellent mind-body training and big fun!

Restorative Yoga

75 min

A restorative class taught in the Iyengar tradition.  Longer held poses and the use of ample props to support the body, along with guided imagery and essential oils.  You will be taken from a state of activation to a state of de-activation

​Cardio Muscular
​60 min

Cardio Muscular has brief intervals of cardio alternating with upper body weight training, and abdominal strength training.

​T'ai Chi
​75 min 
Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. 12 form, 24 form, and sword form (TBA).  All levels.  Introduces philosophy and principles of tai chi as well as the movement forms.  The movements are slow and gentle and are designed to promote good health, body awareness and harmony among the body, mind and spirit.  Qi Gong is also practiced as an integral part of every class
​Touch Dancing
​60 min 


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