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As Yoga becomes more and more popular, the Body Shop has become the place for students who are interested in 'Yoga for Health and Wellbeing' as well as students recovering from injuries, health challenges and stress-related conditions.

All of the classes at the Body Shop are safe and therapeutic,  taught by well trained and caring instructors, who love what they do.

Patia Cunningham

Co-Founder, Director

Patia Cunningham is the co-founder and director of The Body Shop where she has been teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy for more than 40 years.  She has studied with many luminaries in the field of yoga and health but credits her students with being her greatest source of inspiration. "The combination of teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy over so many years has moved me steadily in the direction of therapeutic yoga and the emerging field of yoga therapy."

Sabine Dietrich-Hindra
Yoga and Pilates Instructor


Sabine RYT 200, has been practicing Yoga at the Body Shop for many years and in 2014 completed her teacher training at Goodground Yoga in Hampton Bays and now teaches at the Body Shop. "Some people play a favorite instrument. My 'instrument' is Yoga and I am utterly lucky to have truly good teachers that enable me to pass on what I have learned to my students."

Sabine trained with Melissa Roache to teach Classical Pilates Mat class.  She is that perfect blend of cheerleader and drill sergeant needed to keep students motivated to do the hard work that is Pilates.  She keeps you safe and makes it fun!


Bob Strubel

Yoga Instructor

Bob Strubel has been teaching at The Body Shop since 2005.  He is a dedicated student of yoga and a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT-200).  He has been studying and practicing yoga with Patia, on his own, and attending workshops for almost 20 years.

Lynn Bermont

T'ai Chi Instructor

​​Lynn is a t'ai chi chuan instructor bringing together training in meditation, and various martial arts. She began her studies of t'ai chi after 20 years of training in judo with Sensei Hank Kraft earning a 1st degree blackbelt. Retiring from judo she continued her journey into the soft, internal art of t'ai chi chuan. Introduced to t'ai chi by Dr. Fred Soroka she pursued further studies with Sifu Jesse Teasley and remained his student/instructor for 15 years accomplishing Yang and Chen styles of tai chi as well as Yang straightsword, broadsword, fan and long pole and a short three year stint in kung fu. The journey with Sifu Teasley took her from demonstrations in N.Y.C.'s Central Park to Seoul, Korea for the 2004 World Culture Open. In 2009-12 she deepened her study of Chen style with Dr. Daniel Yee. Lynn has been an instructor at Healing4us in Baldwin N.Y., at workshops at the West Hempstead library and at Freeport high school for adult education classes. Most recently she was a Chen instructor in Nassau Community College's Lifelong Learning Program. In the background of all this is Lynn's beloved Kendo Rich Hart roshi, meditation teacher and Buddhist monk. T'ai chi is said to be "stillness in motion". Kendo's rich heart put the "stillness" in her motion.


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