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The Body Shop's Namaste Shirts

The Body Shop Namaste Story


        We celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Body Shop in 2012.  As part of that celebration, my daughter Caity and I decided to bring the Body Shop logo to life and photographed students forming letters so we could spell The Body Shop.  The original logo, as you can see, is made up of bodies spelling out the Body Shop.
       From there we had the idea to spell NAMASTE which embodies the spirit of the Body Shop with those same 'body letters'.
       Namaste is a Sanskrit word that means  "I honor that in you which is also in me" or another translation that I love is, "From my heart to your soul".
        Next Caity took our version of NAMASTE and created a silkscreen by hand.  Together we handpick and silkscreen the shirts in small batches.  Our intention is to infuse our shirts with the spirit of NAMASTE.


"...there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart center."  Aadil  Palkhivala



         Patia and Caity

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