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 Namaste (I honor that in you which is also in me) represents the spirit of the Body Shop. At the heart of the Body Shop are its yoga classes.  Here you will experience yoga on and off the mat. From the moment you enter our garden you will find yourself in a peaceful oasis.

 When we first opened in 1977 many of the students were new to yoga and most people I knew had never done yoga. It was an exciting time and I loved turning people on to yoga and, to this day, I still love teaching first-time students and beginners.  These days most people I know do practice yoga and I love working with them to deepen their yoga experience.  

The Body Shop was the vision of Allen Horowitz and I am grateful that he invited me to be a part of it; it has become my life's work.



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Patia's yoga classes are a wonderful balance of work and pleasure.  Patia presents poses clearly skillfully weaving restorative poses throughout the class.  She is aware of the abilites and needs of  each participant.  

The studio is a beautiful space in which I feel secure, happy, refreshed and fortunate.  The atmosphere of support and caring created by Patia continues among her students as well.

It is a pleasure to share the yoga experience with people who practice at many levels from beginners to advanced practitioners.  We are all learning together, working at our own level while being guided by Patia.


- Harriet 


Once again, thank you!  As I leave your class I am calmer, more relaxed and a measure of peace washes over me.

I still have with me, close by, 2 nouns that reflect your wishes for us at the end of the only other class I took with you 4 summers ago: try to find comfort and safety always.

- JoAnn 


I'm a newcomer to the Body Shop.  In a matter of mere weeks the language of my body is returning to me because of Patia's gentleness, smarts and decades of knowledge. Thank you

- Julie 


Yoga with Patia is manna from heaven!  It is food to calm the mind, soothe and mend the body.  Coming to the Body Shop is like coming home.  I have been practicing yoga with Patia for over thirty years and hope to continue for another 30 years.

- Glenda 


I come to the Body Shop to lift my spirit, center myself and enjoy the stretching, strengthening and balancing that yoga affords me. It is my time for myself, just for me, and that's special as well.

- Renee 


A friend referred me to The Body Shop over 25 years ago and I have practiced yoga there ever since.  When I first came to The Body Shop, I was still relatively new to the practice of yoga.  My first impression was of the very special space, which the studio occupies above an historic East Hampton village building.  The calm sanctuary-like feeling of the space has never left me.  I feel a calm come over me the moment I enter the studio.  Patia is a patient and kind mentor who possesses the rare gift of non-judgment and acceptance of each individual student.  Her classes can be fully enjoyed by any level of yoga practitioner with her constant mantra of “listen to your body” and “make this practice work for you.”  She understands that students’ motivations or “intentions” can be widely varied and she makes room for all.  She is particularly gifted at helping each student understand body alignment that promotes health and well-being.  Props are made available to assure that each student’s practice is safe and healthy.  What I value the most is the fact that I am constantly challenged and coached to deepen my practice—each class is a new learning experience.  I feel extremely blessed to have found The Body Shop and Patia!

- B.J. 


Tai Chi


I have practiced yoga at The Body Shop for around 25 years and was delighted when a Tai Chi class was added two summers ago taught by Lynn Bermont.  Though I had tried Tai Chi classes and enjoyed them, I was never ever able to find a consistent place or teacher to delve more deeply into this ancient and venerable practice.  Though there are similarities between Tai Chi and yoga, it is the subtle differences I find appealing.  With Lynn’s patience I have been able to get a toe-hold in the practice of Tai Chi by learning two of the more simple forms.  Though Tai Chi has clear references to the martial arts, it is the grace and balance of the elegant movements that are the most appealing to me.  I also appreciate the new sensitivity I am developing to energy that flows through my own body and which surrounds me.

- B.J. 


Core Plus


This class greatly enhances my quality of life

 - Judith 


I've been going to Jamie's class for 10 or 15 years and it continues to be challenging and fun.  I greatly appreciate Jamie's attention to correct form, to specific people's needs and for mixing it up.  And on top of a terrific all-around workout class her music is great!  I plan on being in her class another 10 or 15 years.




This is NOT your run-of-the-mill massage. I have had countless massages from Patia over the past 30+ years, and each one has been unique. Her fingers are able to find just the right spot that needs fixing. I have come to her when my back was aching and when my heart was breaking, and she knew what to do each and every time. It is massage therapy at its very best.

- Merle 




What Students Say

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